Baume Obscure is a tourist cave which contributes to the knowledge and to the conservation of the underground heritage. That is why we offer thematic visits as well as educational, cultural or scientific animations with the aim of providing information and raising awareness. Whether you’re a curious tourist or a budding cave enthusiast, Baume Obscure has something for everyone to discover.





We offer self-guided tours so you can take your time to explore the cavern at your own pace. Just remember to stay on the trail. 

A 700 meter walk will enable you to discover a multitude of underground wonders with sound and light shows (thanks to the installation of automatic multimedia equipment: “the Souterroscope”)

Descend 60 meters below the Earth's surface into a vast wonderland of stalactites and stalagmites, an astonishing diversity of karst features, fossils, underground streams and waterfalls.  The cave is a truly magical place for both young and old. It takes approximately 60 minutes to walk through.

Regardless of the temperature on the outside, the cave always remains at a constant 14°C (57°F). A light jacket and good shoes are recommended.

The cave is equipped with video cameras and interphones

Permanent surveillance is there for your safety but also to verify that the recommendations are well respected. At any moment, you can call the reception outside by using the intercoms placed throughout the tour route.



For groups only (10 persons or more) and upon reservation

Walking tours with a guide last approximately 90 minutes. They follow paved and lighted walkways on a stroll that’s easy for all ages.  But be careful! There are lot of steps to go down and to go up!  

Spectacular crystallized rock formations and shimmering pools provide an awe-inspiring, entertaining and educational experience for all visitors.

A speleologist will tell the story of the discovery and the explorations of the cave. He will explain the karst geology, the fauna, minerals and fossils of the cave.



Our treasure hunt adventures are suited for all ages, families or groups of friends. The idea behind each treasure hunt concept is original, based on amazing stories inspired by the magic and fantastic worlds. In the deepest parts of the cave and the forest you will have enigmas to solve, clues and mysterious characters to find. You will be rewarded by the opening of the treasure chest!

3 treasure hunt options are possible

Option n°1: treasure hunt in forest only

(duration: 90 min)

Option n°2: visit of the cave with the treasure hunt in the cave only

(duration: 2 hours)

Option n°3: visit of the cave with the treasure hunt in the cave

and in the forest (duration: 3 hours)


Are you looking for an educational, fun field trip for your pupils or students? Consider a guided tour through Baume Obscure. We'll take your group on a fascinating tour of the cave where they will learn how caves are formed, the difference between stalactites and stalagmites, what kind of life can be found in caves, and much more. Baume Obscure is a unique occasion to plunge into the depths of the Earth to discover underground marvels in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Pralpes d’Azur.

Young visitors are introduced to the science and wonder of this subterranean world. They will go down 200 steps into a depth of 60 meters without any danger, ensuring that learning is combined with exercise!  The total cave walk covers about 700 m of an easy passageway, which lasts about an hour or more (the duration of the visit depends on the topics to be studied and observed). Paths and lighting have been installed throughout, making the visit suitable for both primary school pupils and university students.

Short natural paths (from 850 to 2000 meters) are also fitted out for exploring karst landscapes, biodiversity, historic and prehistoric remains outside the cave.

Any questions, any advice, more details?  Do not hesitate to contact our booking department for a customised programme.


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Educational and playful evening entertainment events are organized several times a week in July and August: night walks with sound performances, night guided tours of the cave with torch-light, open air projections, conferences, concerts under the stars,…


Need a good place for a birthday party?  

Birthday parties in Baume Obscure are fantastic! We host birthday parties for all ages and with a variety of activities and themes (in the cave and in the forest around the cave)

Looking for an amazing place for a day full of fun and adventure?

We can offer you various sorts of life-size games in the cave and in the area around the cave, especially treasure hunts for kids or for adults.


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Qualtié tourisme

Qualité Tourisme est la seule marque d'État attribuée aux professionnels du tourisme pour la qualité de leur accueil et de leurs prestations.

Notre structure s'est engagée a améliorer de façon continue ses prestations pour toujours mieux satisfaire ses visiteurs.

En 2014 nous avons ainsi obtenu le label Qualité Tourisme , ce qui nous engage a rester a l'écoute de nos clients grâce a l'analyse systématique des enquetes de satisfaction et des réclamations. Nos prestations sont en outre régulierement soumises a un contrôle inopiné et indépendant

Apres votre passage a Baume Obscure, afin de nous aider a nous améliorer, nous vous invitons a répondre au questionnaire de satisfaction disponible en fin de visite. Vous pourrez alors insérer ce document dans l'urne prévue a cet effet.

A défaut de l'avoir fait sur place vous aurez la possibilité de vous connecter sur le systeme d'enquete de satisfaction en cliquant sur le bouton suivant :

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